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Begin Again
KCC Germany X KCC UK, Berlin and London
2.Juli -12 Augusr 2022


Hans und Charlotte Krull Stiftung
Kommunale Galerie Berlin

3. Juli - 28. August 2022

Kaohsiung Local Hi 2022
Weiwuying National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts
8.April 2022

Schlossmediale Werdenberg 2022
3. – 12. June 2022

Solo Exhibition 2021
D21/Spot: The “Perfect” Path of a Swing

Solo Exhibition 2021
Taipei Fine Arts Museum(TFAM), Taiwan

POCHEN Biennale 2020

“Metamorphose“, smac - Staatliches Museum für Archäologie Chemnitz, German
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t Berlin

Since 2007 Studies in Media Arts, HGB Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig, Intermedia Class of Prof. Alba D`Urbano


2010 “Touch me!” Galerie Sylvia Bernhardt, Wiesbaden

2010 “Chain of Fools” HGB Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig

2009 “Untitled” Leipzig

2009 “Kampf” Berlin

2004 Installation “Through” Taipei, Taiwan

2002 “Motions and Images” Taipei, Taiwan

2002 “Spiel” Taipei, Taiwan 2001 “Mandarins” Taipei, Taiwan

2000 Exhibition of Graphic Design, Taipei, Taiwanm